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"Paramore" 12" Vinyl Click for larger image

"Paramore" 12" Vinyl

Paramore Vinyl

Paramore 12" Vinyl

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25,99 €
Paramore 12" Vinyl


Vinyl 1: Side A

1. Fast in my car

2. Now

3. Grow Up

4. Daydreaming

Side B

1. Interlude: Moving on

2. Ain't it fun

3. Part II

4. Last Hope

Vinyl 2: Side A

1. Still into you

2. Anklebiters

3. Interlude: Holiday

4. Proof

5. Hate to see your heart break

Side B

1. (One of those) crazy girls

2. Interlude: I'm not angry anymore

3. Be alone

4. Future

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